Specialized Services

Specialized Services

Turn to 1834 to help you navigate more complex financial needs. Using the in-house expertise of our wealth management professionals, we can provide outside-the-box solutions for you or your business.
Special Needs Trust

Often referred to as a Supplemental Needs Trust, the 1834 Trust team excels in creating Special Needs Trusts. This unique approach is an estate planning tool that enables a person with a disability or functional needs to receive financial support without negatively impacting any Federal benefits they’re receiving, such as Medicaid or Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Philanthropic Services

From planned giving to establishing a formal foundation or endowment, we can offer a full spectrum of value-added services in the philanthropic arena for individuals and businesses.

Executive Compensation Planning

When it comes to dissecting a compensation package and fully comprehending each piece, turn to the wealth professionals at 1834. Our team will take a detailed view of your salary, benefits, bonuses, stock options, stock, performance shares, and any perquisites to ensure you have a firm understanding of your total compensation and how it fits into your broader wealth plan.

Business Succession Planning

We partner with small and mid-sized businesses to help them prepare for the future of their company – whether that be selling the business, transitioning ownership to family members or transferring ownership to other executives or employees. Our expertise can help you navigate:

  • Sustainability and growth of the business or its assets — under the current structure or after sale or restructuring
  • A successful, planned transition when the business is family-owned
  • Tax efficiency as it relates to income and/or estate taxes associated with a transfer of ownership
  • Facilitation of retirement for the current leadership generation